5 Ways You Succeed with Bluekey AI


Instant Assessments

Based on your academic performance, compare your score with your schools benchmark.

Recommended Courses

Know exactly which courses and grades you need to achieve your academic targets.

Notes, eBooks & Tutors

Access free notes and purchase eBooks at a discount. Get matched with the most suitable tutors.

24/7 Councellor & Community Access

From guidance on selecting courses to dealing with academic pressure, ask anything.

Co-op, Internship & Careers

Find the most suitable match and get assistance to polish your resume and soft skills.
Top Choice
Students love the recommendations & intuitive design.
Expert Chat
Speak to trained councellors, dedicated to you understand your needs.
AI Powered
Bluekey AI is smart. Get everything you need under one platform.
Community Based
Learn from alumni and professionals who have been in your shoes.

Platform Built to Help You Succeed

We conducted 1000s of surveys to clearly understand the needs of higher education students.
  • Academic Foundation built by top scoring alumni.
  • Personalized AI recommendation.
  • Actionable steps for you to succeed.








About Us

Bluekey AI, founded in 2021, is a platform designed for undergraduate students in Canada. It is positioned to resolve the major academic and career concerns affecting students during their education journey. Bluekey AI is home to a growing community with an ecosystem of academic tools and services, all accessible in one platform.

Get To The Know The Founder

Peter Han, an enthusiast millennial, started BluekeyAI with a vision to advance the education system and ease student life with the help of Artificial Intelligence. He knew that technological advancement is the way to educational growth. With an aim to serve the community and develop an easy-to-use fun software, he started working on BluekeyAI. He put his years of expertise and experience in the education industry to develop this smart assessment tool that could offer clarity and guidance to young minds.

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